Thank you!

It is impossible to pull together large projects without the support and collaboration of other people and it is important that this is recognised.

So, I am grateful to the following folk without whose help neither Sayers Creek nor the Folk Trail would have been remotely possible:

  1. Fellow MA students Dave Coates (for his unerring advice) and Dave Eccles (for totally redesigning the Folk Trail leaflet and the Sayers Creek poster)
  2. Everyone at Kardomah94 – Mal Scott (who gave tremendous support despite illness), Ellie Scott and soundman Matt Lund
  3. The Hull Folk Collective (John & Rosie Butler & Kath Jordan) plus former members Andy Buckton & Jerry walker
  4. Musicians Lisa Knapp and Rick & Nellie Heavisides (Hautbois) for advice
  5. BBC Radio 3’s Lucie Skeaping
  6. Oxford University Don and archaeologist at Fulford, Charles Jones
  7. The following people for adding to the narration in Sayers Creek: Charles Jones, Kath Jordan, Lucie Speaping, Ed Williamson & Jackson Steer
  8. For allowing me to stage the Folk Trail as part of the 2018 Hull Folk & Maritime Festival – all of the committee (Lloyd Dobbs, Mark Pollard, Mick McGarry, Steve Gardham et al)
  9. For videoing and photographing Sayers Creek & the Folk Trail, Chris Warkup and Mick Murphy
  10. For advice in close harmonising on stage, ex BBC Radio Humberside Sound Engineer & folkie, Brian Swinton
  11. For unerring support, advice & believing in the projects, Craig Steer
  12. For her invaluable support and research via the British Newspaper Archive and various books, my wife Kath Jordan.


Thank you all!

Index and links to blog posts

Below you will find a list of all my blog posts with a quick access link to each post. The listing is in chronological order.

  1. Challenging the past – a new perspective on Folk Music? – Introduction
  2. Broadsheet Ballads and the Waits – a conundrum
  3. How did the system of Broadsheet Ballads work?
  4. Music Hall – the ‘new’ folk music?
  5. Song links? Notes and jottings
  6. Thoughts on Jack Hall
  7. Possible songs for set list?
  8. Ballad Plays
  9. Possible set list.1
  10. Brief Timeline of Events
  11. Actual Test Recordings of Practice
  12. W.G Ross & Arthur Lloyd – the links between folk and music hall?
  13. Jottings on Charles Dibdin & Charles Sloman
  14. The Smiths ‘Suffer Little Children’ – a modern day murder ballad?
  15. Amendments and new set songs?
  16. Revised set of songs?
  17. How quickly things do change!
  18. Jottings on rehearsals
  19. Further jottings on rehearsals
  20. Are the clues to how our music sounded pre 1066 to be found in Scandinavia?
  21. Set list revised
  22. Cecil Sharp – saint or sinner?
  23. My Luve’s in Germanie – the most difficult song I’ve learned – ever!
  24. Songs previewed at the Sheffield Folk Sessions 15th April 2017
  25. Song preview at Keyingham folk club 21-4-17
  26. When is a folk song not a folk song?
  27. From 1908 to 2017 in a couple of days
  28. Bottom up or, top down?
  29. Finalised set list
  30. Roast Beef of Olde England/Hard Times of Olde England links to practice recordings
  31. Immenseikoff practice recordings
  32. Jovial Broom Man practice recordings
  33. A New Hunting Song practice recordings
  34. Horses Brawl practice recordings
  35. Tomorrow the Fox practice recordings
  36. The Drunkard practice recordings
  37. Sumer is y cumen in practice recordings
  38. Rosebud in June practice recordings
  39. Lavenders Green, Lavenders Blue practice recordings
  40. Jack Hall practice recordings
  41. Exeter Riddles no 18 practice recordings
  42. The Broom of Cowdenknowes practice recordings
  43. Bluebells of Scotland practice recordings
  44. Who Liveth so Merry
  45. My Luve’s in Germanie practice recordings
  46. Lyre tune practice recordings
  47. Barbara Allen practice recordings
  48. Live practice at Springboard festival 26th May 2017 @ Anzali, Cottingham
  49. Hull Folk Collective
  50. A schematic info graph of lineage
  51. Ned Corvan’s Music Hall 10/6/17 @ the Sage Theatre, Gateshead
  52. First great folk revival?
  53. For the sounds of Pre 1066 music should we look abroad?
  54. Sometimes it’s good to take a chance!
  55. Learning new video making skills
  56. Authenticity in performance
  57. The worm turns!
  58. Presenting the narrative as performance
  59. Slowly filling the gap!
  60. Rough sketches! Early attempt to put flesh on the bones!
  61. Links between folk music and Hymnody
  62. Does football represent the final vestiges of the Oral tradition?
  63. Latest family tree of folk
  64. A summer of practice with Hull Folk Collective
  65. New song, new style.
  66. Waits tunes for the set?
  67. De-briefing and rehearsal following Whitby
  68. HFC rehearsals in preparation for the Whitby gig
  69. Hull Folk Collective list of songs
  70. Flowers of Knaresborough
  71. Live recordings of Hull Folk Collective
  72. Research to date
  73. St Andrews Dock demo
  74. Revised list of songs
  75. Contingency plan!
  76. Folk route – timings
  77. Appraisal of HFC’s gig at Hull Minster 16-11-17
  78. Appraisal of HFC’s performance at Keyingham Folk Club 17-11-17
  79. A possible additional alternative?
  80. Setting songs to the tour?
  81. Choices and possibilities?
  82. The Song of Roland and Tailefer
  83. Meeting with Mal Scott of Kardomah94
  84. TSF Forum @ Sheffield University 25th Nov 2017
  85. Report on TSF Forum meeting of 25th Nov 2017
  86. Date set for performance at Kardomah94!
  87. Caller Herrin’ – top down folk or bottom up?
  88. Hull Folk Trail – revised
  89. Song try outs & practice – home rehearsal
  90. Latest HFC rehearsals
  91. Street Ballads printed in Hull
  92. Theatre Royale, Humber Street, Hull
  93. Positives and negatives!
  94. Hull Folk Collective in rehearsal.
  95. Two news songs rehearsed, one demo, one recorded
  96. Ballads printed in Hull
  97. Use of technology in the performance
  98. Hull Folk Collective rehearsal 14th Dec 2017
  99. Reflections on the mini-gig at Whittington & Cat 16th Dec 2017
  100. Authenticity in performance
  101. A brief study of history and other trails
  102. Authenticity through narrative?
  103. Latest info graph on the History of Folk Music
  104. Latest version of the Hull Folk Trail
  105. Hull Folk Collective – now a formed group?
  106. Set list for trail?
  107. Future Developments
  108. Song list for set 1 of performance?
  109. Updated song listing
  110. First plus for Kardomah94 event on 14th June 2018!
  111. Folksong or Fakesong?
  112. Hull Folk Collective perform at Kardomah94
  113. 1st draft for Kardomah94
  114. New Songs
  115. Hull Folk collective play Jaz Bar 1st Feb 2018
  116. Script development, research and bibliography
  117. Costings for Kardomah94 and the Hull Folk Trail
  118. Authenticity or accessibility?
  119. Song listing – more on authenticity!
  120. Hull Folk Trail – latest updates
  121. Promoting Kardomah94
  122. Research Bibliography
  123. Judicious cuts to the script under way!
  124. Beavering away! New ‘hacked’ back script and 1st draft of the notes on the Hull Folk Trail leaflet
  125. Further editing of the script & updating the songbook
  126. Finally! A name for the performance!
  127. Promotional activity under way!
  128. Full test recording in Kardomah94
  129. From Sayers Creek to St Andrews Dock has it’s own Facebook page!
  130. Maritime Museum event 24th Feb 2018
  131. First major rehearsal of songs for the performance
  132. First rehearsals of songs in Anglo-Saxon and Old English dialect.
  133. 1st timings of performance
  134. Rehearsal of songs for Kardomah94
  135. Re-draft of the Script and poster finally designed!
  136. Kardomah94 previewed at the Whittington & Cat sessions on Saturday 10th March
  137. Trial aromas purchased!
  138. Further promoting!
  139. Rehearsals and the Sheffield Folk Sessions 2018
  140. Assessment of Kardomah94 & first posters up
  141. Rehearsals from 27th/28th March 2018
  142. Latest info graph on research…..
  143. Rehearsals 10th April 2018
  144. Distribution of posters has commenced!
  145. First meeting of the Hull Folk & Maritime Festival Committee & introduction of the Hull Folk & History Trail
  146. Promoting well under way
  147. Rehearsals from 17th April 2018
  148. Rehearsals from 24th April 2018
  149. Hull Daily Mail 1st May 2018 & Hull Mag
  150. Folk Trail – new timings
  151. First act run through and timed
  152. Five weeks of intensive rehearsals, live performances, sessions & a dress rehearsal
  153. Early reflections on From Sayers Creek to St Andrews Dock
  154. Possible set listing for the Folk Trail?
  155. Hull Folk & History Trail is ready for lift off!
  156. The Folk & History Trail – a resounding success!
  157. Hull Folk Trail – montage of photos by Mick Murphy of the Hillbilly Troupe
  158. More photos of the Folk Trail taken by Chris Warkup.
  159. Videos of the Folk Trail:
  160. Hull Folk Collective shine at Whitby
  161. She Moved Through the Fair – the legend of Margaret Barry
  162. Are the days of the large folk festivals numbered?
  163. The future? – Utilising my BA Hons & MA research
  164. Thank You!

The future? – Utilising my BA Hons & MA research.

The past five years have been a wonderful experience personally, however it is important not to let all the lessons learned go to dust.

In many ways my academic experience has taught me far more in 5 years than my near 40 years in a position of working for a living. I need to use my abilities to research, think critically, enable, write and play as much as possible and to pass on what I have learned to others willing to learn.

With this in mind, I have set myself a series of projects to further develop both my research and performance.

In no particular order of importance these are:

  1. To edit the sound recordings from Sayers Creek so they are suitable for playing on Max Robert’s Folk Hour Xmas Special programme. This will mean they might be listened to across the entire North of England.
  2. To use the edited recording as a double CD album release complete with notes and artwork.
  3. To master the video recordings so they can be released as a DVD recording of the show, again with notes and artwork.
  4. To fully investigate the possible staging at festivals, or elsewhere, of Sayers Creek and Keep Your Gansey Dry.
  5. To fully investigate putting on a performance of A Country Life For Me as part of the Remembrance Day events.
  6. To use my knowledge gained in the five years of harmony to improve the harmonic work and structure of the songs performed by the HFC.
  7. When I first attended Hull College my aim was to record an album. This is, as yet an unfulfilled dream. I intend to record, to professional standard with the HFC a studio album suitable for CD and vinyl release.
  8. To look to stage a new show at Kardomah based on early Music Hall. All four of us in the HFC like performing songs with a touch of the theatrical thrown in. It would be a pity not to use this experience.
  9. To contact Hull City Council with a view to making the Hull Folk & History Trail a permanent event throughout the summer months.
  10. To write down my research into book form so that others might carry on the research into the development of folk song.


Finally, to try and get the HFC playing at as many festivals as possible and to keep on enjoying the playing and music at the same time.

As you may see, I fully intend putting my academic experiences to full use!